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O Level English Comprehension Skills

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Course content

Students often find themselves at a loss as to how to tackle the list of comprehension questions that accompany each comprehension passage they receive at a test or an examination, particularly so if they already have a hard time following the passages to begin with.

What also does not help is that upon receiving feedback on their marked comprehension scripts, students are confused as to why some answers are acceptable while other similar-sounding ones are not.

This course aims to help students achieve more successes at comprehension by introducing the Question-Type approach. Students will learn to identify question types and how they are to approach each question type in order to craft a response that answers the question.

The course will also provide helpful reading skills that will enable students to comprehend the passage better, and comprehension tips will support even the less proficient readers towards improving the comprehension component in examinations.

The course is conducted by a highly-knowledgeable trainer who makes the session interesting and enjoyable. Easy-to-understand notes to cater to the pupils’ learning needs, and specially-designed practices will be provided to achieve the target comprehension question skills.

This course is designed for 2011’s Secondary 3E, 4 E or 5N  students. Course attendees are expected to pay attention to the skills taught in order to apply them to the customised practices given in the sessions. Some homework will be given and students are expected to complete them in order to get the most out of this very informative course.

Course Outline

Day 1:

• Helpful habits for comprehension
• How to tackle the questions
• Introduction to question types
• Literal questions (2 question types)
• Inferential questions (Part 1 – 2 question types)

Day 2:

• Reviewing practice assignments
• Inferential questions (Part 2 – “Explain” question types)
• Mixed question types reviews
• Q & A

Note: This course is designed to help students prepare for the comprehension component of the Cambridge O Level English Paper 2. Summary writing skills will not be covered in this short course, but in a separate a course on Summary Writing Skills also offered by Language.Ling.

Course schedule

This course is held over 2 days, each session is 3 – 3.5 hours with a 15-min break. A minimum of 12 students is required to start the class.

23 November 2010 (Tues), 2-5.30pm*
24 November 2010 (Wed), 2-5.30pm*

Gather your friends and schoolmates and sign up now to avoid disappointment!

*Time may be adjusted depending on the availbility of the venue, which will be advised at a later date.

Sign Up

Course fee: Course valued at $85, now at a one-time SPECIAL OFFER of $54 exclusively for Orchid Park Secondary School students and their friends.
Fee is inclusive of course materials (handouts and worksheets).

To sign up, simply

  1. Send an email to with the subject “November Compre course”.
  2. Include your name, school, level and class in 2011, IC number and mailing address in the email.
  3. Payment details will be emailed to you for part of the course fees ($34) to be paid first.

Your place in the class will be confirmed after the intial payment is received, and details of the course location will be emailed to you.

The remainder of the fees are to be paid on the first day of the course. Kindly remember bring the amount with you.

© Copyright Language.ling 2010. All rights reserved.

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